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Precautionary measures and preventive measures for those coming to the Kingdom during the (Covid-19) pandemic

Before traveling

All those coming to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia must present a negative covid-19 test from an official reference in their country dating back no more than 48 hours prior to the date of arrival.

The visitor should quarantine himself at a location of his choice and indicate his quarantine location after downloading the recommended phone application (“Tawakkalna” or “Tettaman”) on his phone within 8 hours after the arrival date.

Upon the expiration of the 48 hours period, the visitor will head to one of the approved medical centers to take the test again.

The result will follow within the next 12 hours in the form of a text message to the mobile phone number.

If the result is negative, the visitor can roam as he wants, taking into account the safety rules.

In the case of positive, the visitor will return to quarantine for a period of 14 days.

On arrival in the kingdom

  1. Disclosure of any respiratory symptoms to the health monitoring center.
  2. Commitment to signing the documents required from the health authorities and delivering them to the competent authorities at the port of entry.
  3. Commitment to downloading the required applications from the health authorities in the Kingdom (توكلنا – صحتي – تطمن)
  4. In case the health monitoring system procedures upon entry are violated, a 500,000 SAR fine will be issued to the individual, along with being responsible for any collateral damages to others for his violation.

Within the kingdom

  1. Commitment to isolation / quarantine according to the period and place set at the time and stipulated in the documents that were signed, and to update the health status and notify the health authorities if any symptoms appear. In case of violation, a maximum of 200,000 SAR fine or imprisonment for a period not to exceed two years, or both punishments, will be handed to the violator, and when the violation is repeated, the penalty is doubled.
  2. Adherence to the preventive measures after the end of the isolation / quarantine period:
  • Social distancing, and the punishment for deliberate violation of the precautionary measures and preventive measures (protocols) with a fine of 1000 SAR, and this includes not using medical or cloth masks or covering the nose and mouth, or not adhering to social distancing, refusing to have their temperature measured when entering public or private institutions, failure to adhere to the approved procedures if the temperature measured is above 38 degrees Celsius. If any of these violations are repeated, the penalty is doubled.
  • Avoiding large gatherings and not calling for gatherings, and in case of violation, the penalty will be a fine of 10,000 SAR, with the penalty doubled for repetition.
  • Clean hands regularly and wash them with soap and water.
  1. Requesting health care in the event of any symptoms indicating infection, and communicating with health authorities at (937), while taking precautionary measures to protect community members.
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